Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Reviews: Les Gants, Coke Bust, Twitching Tongues

The Challenge
by Les Gants
Excursion Records

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Les Gants features guitar and bass work by Aaron Edge (Hauler, Iamthethorn, etc), drums by Rob Lovell, and vocal duties by Greg Bennick (Trial, Between Earth & Sky). The Challenge is a 5 song EP of fast, driving, and raw hardcore reminiscent of bands like Lords or early Black Cross, but with a heavier emphasis on punk elements. Les Gants aren't exactly what most fans would expect when stacked up with the band's members current and former projects, but that's part of what makes this outing so catchy and memorable. It's gritty and intelligent punk rock with an unrelenting fury.

A Fair Fight

Les Gants @ Facebook
by Coke Bust
Grave Mistake Records

Following up 2009's Lines in the Sand, Washington DC's Coke Bust returns with their brand of pummeling and grinding hardcore. While Degradation isn't a far cry from the band's previous material, it has grown and matured noticeably enough. The songs still have a heavy fastcore and poweviolence influence, but riffs have become more interesting, and rhythms swing & crush with ease. Coke Bust have found a stellar middle ground between the constant, aural assault of songs like Another Fucking Problem and Keep Out, and follow it up with the trudging, crawling attack of songs like Deathbed and No Authority to keep the EP refreshing and heavy.

Keep Out

Coke Bust @ Myspace
Insane & Inhumane
by Twitching Tongues
Photobooth Records

For their first official release, California's Twitching Tongues offers up their own take on metallic, rock-influenced hardcore in the same vein as Only Living Witness. Although Insane & Inhumane has been toted as being reminiscent of bands like Type O Negative and Life of Agony, its interesting guitar work and clean vocal delivery has heavier nods towards OLW's Prone Mortal Form than anything. Much like Pegasus, Twitching Tongues may borrow heavily from the bands who have influenced them, but their creativity and incorporation of melody keeps the material satisfying and from being dated.

Voluntary Confinement

Twitching Tongues @ Myspace

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