Friday, February 11, 2011

Featured: Wreck

In the last year or so several Washington-based hardcore bands have emerged and found their respective niches, picking up popularity by word of mouth, sheer talent, and an uncompromising musical drive. Whether it be because of bands like Power, Oblivion, Owen Hart, Ill Intent, Sixes, White Wards, or Sojourner, the latter half of 2009 and whole of 2010 has been one hell of an impressive and diverse showcase of the Northwest's hardcore, punk, and metal communities. However, one band's sound that has stuck with me the most is Tacoma's Wreck.

Wreck features current's and ex's of a handful of regional groups (Rebuilt, Cool Runnings), playing a breed of NYHC-influenced hardcore; incorporating grungy, harsh, and dissonant metallic overtones reminiscent of bands like Only Living Witness, Urban Discipline era Biohazard, No Warning, and Trapped Under Ice. The material has a distinct groove and bounce, but is offset by crushing & melodic guitar work, thick bass tone, and throaty vocal delivery.

They may not be the easiest band to pin down, but that's a huge part of what keeps Wreck's music interesting and easy to return to. Follow the link below to check out their 2010 Demo and 2 tracks from their upcoming EP Reap What You Sow.

Download (RAR File):
Demo + Two


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