Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Reviews: Energy, A Better Hope Foundation, Such Gold

Walk Into the Fire
by Energy
Bridge Nine Records

Following up their 2008 release Invasions of the Mind, Massachusetts' Energy returns with a 3 song EP in the form of Walk into the Fire. Although not a far cry from its predecessor, Walk into the Fire takes a new direction with previously unexplored melodies and songwriting; incorporating elements of goth & pop rock and keyboard-heavy & symphonic harmonies with their predisposed blend of melodic hardcore & post-punk. Unfortunately much of the EP's experimentation & over-polished production saps the release of most of, if not all of its drive and energy. By no means are these songs not catchy, but personally, there's just little to interest me here.

Let's Get Away
You Can Never Go Home Again
by A Better Hope Foundation
Independent Release

Based out of southern California, built upon sincerity & dissonant hardcore riffing, and conditioned by relentless touring & diy ethics, A Better Hope Foundation returns with their new 4 song EP, You Can Never Go Home Again. With a sound that lies somewhere between the likes of Modern Life is War, Defeater, and Sinking Ships, the EP is a melodic and cathartic release full of heavy, depressive attack and disillusioned themes. While there may be plenty of bands trying their hand's at "epic" hardcore lately, tracks like Below the Salt and City Laments are perfect examples of why A Better Hope Foundation are head and shoulders above the rest.

City Laments
by Such Gold
6131 Records

Blurring the lines between melodic hardcore and pop-punk, Rochester, New York's Such Gold presents Pedestals; a 6 track CDEP of upbeat and punchy hardcore attack heavily reminiscent of bands like the Movielife and early Set Your Goals. More often than not this kind of band passes under my radar, but that's not to say Pedestals isn't a quality and catchy listen. With poppy bass & guitar work, and tracks like Sycamore and the Brass Tax, the EP is a constant barrage of energetic and driving pop-punk rhythms and melody. Unfortunately Such Gold are playing a genre of music that has been - for better or worse - run into the ground; however don't let that deter you from giving this release chance.

The Brass Tax


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